Kropáček Koželka Garry

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Kropáček – Koželka Garry

This unique armchair comes from the set which won a silver medal in the 1946 Milan Triennale. The armchair was designed by Czechoslovakia designers K. Kozelka and A. Kropacek. The whole oak frame was renovated. The design of this chair came back from the furniture show and there are obvious signs of use. Still, it is in very good condition and the jute straps are completely new. There are new straps and a completely new seat. A seat was made by a traditional method and contains two layers of African grass. The African grass filling offers comfortable sitting and respect the historical value of the armchair. The upholstery is made of  fabric with pattern.


Dimensions:               75cm × 64cm × 74cm

Designer:                     Karel Koželka, Antonín Kropáček

Producer:                    Interiér Praha

Origin:                          Czechoslovakia   (40s – 50s)

Price:                            on request

Stock:                           on order

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