About us

About us:

Bananna Chair is a company, which was created by people with love and passion for vintage furniture. We renovate and re-design the furniture from the 20th century. We want to save the story and the history of the objects by giving them a new life. We create original, but also usable furniture. Characteristic feature of our work is sustainability coming from the quality of used materials and traditional craft. For renovations we use mainly a traditional method which offers comfortable sitting and preserve the value of the objects. If you don´t find what you look for, we offer custom-made armchairs. Our services include also a creation of a visualization of an armchair or a whole interior.

 Team Bananna Chair


Why to buy an armchair? 

It is an armchair which was tested in households for 40-60 years

It was made of quality wood or veneer

Each armchair has its own history and story

Each armchair is unique, it does not come from a massive production

By the purchase you save the Environment

Why Banannachair?

We choose armchairs which are in good conditions

We use quality fabrics, which are suitable even to public places and have very good technical parameters

We use mainly a traditional method of an upholstery creation. This method is technically demanding and time-consuming. By the usage of this method, the armchair does not lose its value and offers a comfortable sitting.

We make traditional armchairs in a new modern design

We will be glad to make an armchair according to your wishes or renovate your grandma´s favourite one.

Our services include also consultations and a creation of visualizations.